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CEU Medieval Podcast is a collection of past episodes of the radio's weekly talk show 'Past Perfect!' and recorded public lectures presented at Central European University's Medieval Studies Department. Music was removed from the podcast version of the shows due to copyright regulations.

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Justinian's Conniving Bankers - New Faces, New Ideas: Interview with PhD Student David Rockwell


David Rockwell, 3rd year PhD student at the CEU Medieval Studies Department talks about his research concerning Late Antique commerce and lobbying. The interview is conducted by CEU Cultural Heritage Studies alumna Karen Culver.

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New Faces - New Ideas: Interview with Phd Student Anna Kinde


New Faces - New Ideas: introducing a new series by CEU Medieval Radio, focusing on CEU's own PhD students' research, hopes and dreams. The first episode features Anna Kinde, a third year doctoral student whose research focuses on late medieval cathedrals.

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Szádvár Castle – its Foes and its Friends


‘Szádvár Castle – its Foes and its Friends’ is a documentary of the medieval Szádvár Castle in the north of Hungary and The Friends of Szádvár, a brilliant group of volunteers who were founded to save Szádvár Castle from being forgotten.

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Echoes of Early Popular Music with Tom Chilton


Karen Culver, alumna of CEU Cultural Heritage Studies programme interviews Tom Chilton of the band Dagda, who play early popular music in CEU Medieval Radio's new series, Echoes of Early.

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Past Perfect! with Václav Žůrek


Anna Kinde speaks with Václav Žůrek, researcher at the Centre for Medieval Studies in Prague about his research project "Transmission of Knowledge: The Fortune of Four Bestsellers in Late Medieval Czech Lands".

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Past Perfect! with Martin Pjecha


Anna Kinde speaks with Martin Pjecha, outgoing history PhD Student of CEU, about his research on the Taborite faction of the Hussite revolution.

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Past Perfect! With Pietro Delcorno


In this episode, David Rockwell asks Pietro Delcorno about his research related to late medieval sermons.

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Past Perfect! with Ruth Mazo Karras


Past Perfect! with Ruth Mazo Karras

Chris Mielke speaks with Dr. Ruth Mazo Karras, professor of history at the University of Minnesota and expert on medieval social and cultural history, gender, and sexuality.

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Past Perfect! is CEU Medieval Radio’s show on medieval and early modern history and culture, where staff of CEU Medieval Radio casually discuss with guests various issues from the crusades to archeozoology to medieval urine sampling. The discussions are made with the aim to popularize medieval and early modern studies with the help of experts such as early musicians, historians, philologists, archeologists, etc.